Century Cables is a professionally managed company which has been in the business of manufacturing wires and cables since two decades. From the time of its inception, it has been quality focus organisation. During this period Century Cables has had the privilege of its wires and cables being used in some of the most prestigious projects in and around Mumbai.

Our quality philosophy:
We strongly believe in the definition of wies, “waterproof for 100 years, flexible and extensible, so volt resisted that the thinnest film suffices, sufficiently firm not to decentralize”. We have created our production and quality system based on this definition.

Versatile product-mix:
We have machines which can produce a wide variety of wires and cables ranging for PVC, HRPVC, FRLS, HFFR, PE, Nylon,etc. We can design/tailor-made cables based on its end use. Insulation compounds are produced at home, giving us better control over the quality of final products.

Our trademark:
We market our products under the brand name of SAFELEX which stands for safety and flexibillity.
Our is a BSI & ISO 9001:2000 certified company resulting into top-end quality product.

Marketing pattern:
We market our product directly to the end-user which results into better service and meaningful intraction with the customer.

Product range:
We manufacture...
•  PVC insulatd single core, multicore PVC sheathed flexible with IS 694 : 1990.
•  PVC insulatd single core, single strand and multistrand cables with IS 694 : 1990.
•  PVC insulated domestic household wires as per BS : 2004.
•  Polythelene/PVC insulated unarmoured, armoured, screened instrumentation cables as per BS : 5308.
•  Co - Axial cables for various computers and television application.
•  Multicore flat cables for submersible pump motor.
Above mentioned full range of wires and cables in FRLS / HFFR compounds.

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